Here We'Ve Got The Sun

by Andrea Disagio

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Home Recording 2013 / 2015
Feat. Kambo & Ale Rizzu ( RAW )


no cow is slaughtered , no rat is tortured
no kids are crying in palestine
all the cops smile and greet me while
three blonde tall girls ask me for a ride

here we've got the sun (x4)

2015 and world's so cool
sunshine brights,let's ditch the school
clear see water and white sand beaches
no fallout risk no world war III

here we've got the sun (x4)

no bum sleep under a bridge
good christians help with charity
no state oppression no massacre
multinationals watch over my health

Here we've got the sun (x4)



released December 18, 2015
Andrea Disagio - Kambo - Ale Rizzu


all rights reserved


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